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March 7, 2008: World Day of Prayer / Pisces New Moon

Ceiling of Hall of Prayers, Beijing, China

"God's Wisdom Provides New Understanding"

New Moon in Pisces


Today marks a very special day for all of Humanity as we move more fully into the energies of the Age of Aquarius.

Today's New Moon in Pisces is an auspicious one - and one that sets the stage for a further awakening during this momentenous paradigm shift. Every new moon augurs a time of new insights and understandings, and this New Moon in particular brings special gifts.

Currently, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are now in Earth signs and in conjunction with the Mars Pluto opposition and the Pisces New Moon, we are experiencing a move from fear and separation to love and unity - which could also describe the Humanitarian concepts of the Age of Aquarius at it's best. What a beautiful shift in consciousness. The Mars-Pluto opposition assists us to see our personal will (Mars) within the context of Divine Intent (Pluto). Where Pluto always brings light to shadow, Mars, the mythic God of War, brings enormous confrontation, and thus transformation. What was hidden, is now in full view and the opportunities for change are glaringly obvious.

How appropriate then, that today is also marked by the World Day of Prayer - "a global ecumenical movement" first founded in 1918, that brings together people from all over the world to observe a common day of prayer. Each year, a theme is chosen for prayers to be directed not only to our world and Humanity at large, but also to one area of the world, the peoples there and their specific challenges. This year, the focus of prayers and healing is centred on the country and peoples of Guyana. The motto this year is "God's Widsom Provides New Understanding." Thus, as a Human Family during this astrological alignment, the world's people are focusing on what some have not wanted to see/confront or solve in the world - whether it be hunger, violence and those who live in constant fear. Indeed, our Brothers and Sisters in Guyana face just those problems every day. (Photo above right is Kaieteur Falls, Guyana)

Guyana is currently a country living on the edge. Chaos, anarchy and fear are daily experiences and their institutional forces of law seem all but impotent. These people not only need our focused prayers, but our Divine Intent to assist them physically as well as mentally, emotionally and spiritually. To read more details about Guyana and her peoples, you are welcome to refer to this link:

Looking towards hope and divinely guided action, we can view this astrological news as a good omen. Uranus is closely conjunct this Pisces New Moon and is a harbinger of the opening of dimensional doorways and huge breakthroughs in a positive evolutionary process.

May our thoughts, prayers and actions be in alignment with Universal Source during this Piscean New Moon. We are the positive change that is now and the future.


P.S. A very Happy Birthday today to my friend and fellow musician, Janina!

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