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I like reading different astrolgers and their slant on the energies of our times, interesting as they are. As I was perusing a few writings regarding the arrival of Spring, or what astronomers and astrologers call the Vernal Equinox, I came upon this interpretation of our current astrology in the Northern Hemisphere from Soul-Searching Astrology:

"This week could very easily be called “the week of heavy lifting.” Existing tensions continue to increase, and in many parts around the world, there is a state of near panic rising. Geopolitical unrest is at a point of massive uncertainty, and with such shifting and movement happening, it is hard to see exactly which way things will shift, other than, at least for a period, likely quite far down. Financial markets are taking incredible plunges, leaving people holding their breath, waiting for who will fall next. Time is beginning to compress, and the intense changes that will continue to come upon us are beginning to rise up and challenge everyone to new levels of pressure not seen for centuries...

With the Vernal Equinox this week, the first day of spring, we have natural forces of light and consciousness rising into the forefront once more. And as the Sun enters the first degrees of Aries, the Cardinal Cross comes to bear on this awakening consciousness, pressing into it messages of great urgency and the force of change. It is good that it is so, that this volatility and pressure is coming to bear as the Sun enters the Equinox degrees, for it symbolizes to me that the real action in this world is now beginning, and that we can now take an active part in making real change happen. The light is illuminating what needs destruction. It is a matter of course that change will involve destruction, but if you are prepared, if you are conscious and really try to connect with the world, and in particular, with people around you, we can grow into a new state of being, weathering this time together.

The long-awaited tearing down of the structures of power, and the exposure of widespread corruption is beginning to speed up now. It makes sense that the movement of the Sun into the first degrees of Aries, returning light and heat to the earth, should find itself at odds with Pluto, newly situated in Capricorn, slowly building speed and power for it journey through Capricorn, the sign which rules power, establishment, dogma, administration and government. Now we shall see the real action begin, and sadly, much trouble as well..."

I like how this astrologer writes - it's evident that there's always the element of regardless of how things look, it's really all for the best. While I agree that what we may well witness over the coming months is not going to be comfortable - it will provide us with the opportunities that SO MANY OF US have been waiting for - some of us - for our whole lives. (And you know who you are...)

In more "Scientific" terms, I've included here below, an illustration of the equinoxes (in this case the Vernal Equinox is pictured below the Sun), so that you can see what all the fuss is about.
In astronomy, the equinox is "that moment in time when the centre of the Sun can be observed to be directly above the Earth's Equator...On a day which has an equinox, the centre of the Sun will spend a nearly equal amount of time above and below the horizon at every location on Earth and night and day will be of nearly the same length. The word equinox derives from the Latin words aequus (equal) and nox (night)" (

In astrology, the Spring Equinox or Solstice is the birth of a new astrological year. It has often been said that any events and issues that you tackle this coming month in the Fire Sign of ARIES, are the issues and events you will be dealing with for a full year. So make note of the energy around you!

Watch the issues as they surface this month being very careful how you deal with them.
It will set the tone for your entire next year.

Before I close this latest entry, I would like to insert yet another quote from Kaliyugashaktimama of Soul Searching Astrology:

"...given the fact that we are approaching Easter, a pagan/Christian celebration, in the spirit of Lent (which, when you strip away all the Catholic dogma surrounding it, is actually quite a wise observation), I challenge you all to sacrifice something until the end of the month. Yes, Easter is this weekend, but go further than that. If you are strong, this practice might even change the rest of your life. Sacrifice something that gives you pleasure – it can be a food, a drink, a habitual treat for yourself. It can be a thought process that you return to when you are feeling insecure or needy. It can be some form of entertainment that you use to turn off the world and your reality. But in the spirit of consciousness, in a spirit of unity with those who are suffering in the world today (and I do not mean just those in Tibet – look around the world and you will see more suffering than you can stomach) give something up.

Take that energy and time, and focus on those who are without, who are hurting, and most specifically, have nothing that you have and cannot even dream of it where they are right now. Share your heart, don’t be selfish, and be strong in your focus. If we can concentrate our heart energies towards alleviating suffering, we can lift the energetic essence of this world. You might think your little efforts and concentrations are not doing anything, but they certainly are...Share your talents and passions and do something good, either in your home or in your community, something that you know how to do and something that you really care about. The planets are supporting us, and we have to support one another. Madness is a universal affliction, and a human being in pain has no nationality. Step past dividing lines and open your heart to the world!"

My grateful thanks to Kaliyugashaktimama for her wonderful website.

With that being said, this first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, on the Astrological New Year's Day where day and night are equal, I send you Great Heart-Opening Peace...make sure you spread it around...


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