Thursday, February 07, 2008

New Moon in Aquarius and Solar Eclipse

February 7, 2008
Mercury Retrograde
New Moon in Aquarius
Solar Eclipse

What a day, and what a week this's New Moon in Aquarius and the Solar Eclipse are quite an action-packed duo. Yesterday was the beginning of the new Chinese New Year - the Year of the Rat. The Rat is the first of all the animal signs in Chinese Astrology, so all this energy points to surprising endings and exciting new beginnings.

The Aquarius New Moon speaks of unconventional innovation, visions of a bold new future, working for the good of all and movements that will benefit Humanity's Family. This Sun-Moon Eclipse will bring the end to many past illusions and bring much radical change in the months to come. For information about this current eclipse, please click on the link below to check Nasa's eclipse homepage:

We can use this New Moon and Her energies to free ourselves from limiting thoughts, relationships, work situations, addictions and anything that is holding us back from experiencing life in greater, more benefic ways. In the next two weeks while the Moon is waxing, reaffirm your desires and intentions. When the Moon becomes full again in Virgo on February 20 this month, then it will be time to take action according to our desires/intentions.

For those of you who are interested, you can access a wonderful New Moon Meditation for the New Moon in Aquarius:
I would like to thank Daniel Lynch for his wonderful photo of a solar eclipse found at:

Wishing you much healing, joy and hope in the Light of the New Moon...


P.S. For your listening pleasure, click on the button above and to the right hear "Eclipse" by Canopy...

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