Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy Candlemas!

Today, February 2, is the Feast of Candlemas. In the Christian tradition, it is celebrated as the feast of the presentation of Jesus in the Temple and the purification of his Mother, Mary.

In Pagan traditions, it is considered sacred to the Triple Goddess Brighid, Protectress of the perpetual Sacred Flame.

However you may choose to acknowledge this Sacred Flame, I can think of nothing lovelier than meditating on it's light and warmth during these cold days of winter.



Treat Cancer said...
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libramoon said...

You are invited to help to form what we become:

[if the links do not take you to the web pages, please cut or copy and paste
them into your web browser or return email me.]

Chironic Vision

Part I

The future descends
from the fear-embroidered skies
the vision is of holocaust -- when everybody dies
A new day is dawning, but is it sun or storm?
We have a chance to make our mark
but is it right or wrong?
The military marches
The anti-warriors too
We take our stand in battle
The many and the few
Spinning tales of magic, of wizardry and fate
We want to know just how it ends before it's all too late
We sing our song too late
We right our wrongs too late
We want to know the date
To find a better fate

Can I tell you?
Can I help you to know or understand?
Can I utter the words that will make you see me?
Standing here before you, I want to take your hand
to be swirled up into a magical dancing
to be taken to worlds of beauty entrancing
to give you the will and the wonder to set you free.
Can you see me?

Laurie Corzett - libramoon's observatory (blog)