Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Approaching Full Lunar Eclipse Feb. 20...

Feeling a little tense?

Especially if you're a Virgo (like me), the last couple of days might have felt a little, well, "tight" shall we say? Yes, I know, we Virgos have such a bad reputation for being all things proper, precise and pragmatic, (not to mention uptight), but hey ho, this Eclipse is smack dab in the middle of our Virgo Full Moon...so, I'd say, we have every right to fully and openly express the perfectionist tendencies that many claim we possess - at least until the end of tomorrow.

Now, in all seriousness, (also a Virgo trait), this is the second eclipse we've had in one month! ! That's pretty amazing not only from an astrological point of view, but also from an energetic standpoint. As I discussed in the Solar Eclipse/New Moon of the 6th/7th of this month, eclipses bring us enormous opportunities - for breakthroughs, for change, for new beginnings and lo-o-o-o-ng awaited conclusions (I'm talking months and sometimes many years here). You may also experience more sensitivities and heightened psychic awareness during eclipses, which also manage to bring together the current astrological energies of the opposite signs that they "bring together." In this case, it's the healing, service orientated Virgo Moon, with the soulful and peaceful Pisces Sun. Not a bad combination I'd say - considering some of the challenges that Humanity and Mother Earth are currently facing. (God/Goddess, help us!)

In contrast to an often outwardly energetic solar eclipse, lunar eclipses are about tuning inwards - to the more feminine aspects of ourselves and our lives. They usually have us looking at our relationships to self and this month especially with the full moon being in Virgo, to our relationships to healing and serving ourselves and others/humanity (Virgo's M.O. ;) Eclipses can usually feel quite emotional too, so if you're feeling tense, blue or really "p.o.ed" - look up at the sky tomorrow evening and give a good old howl towards the beautiful Virgo moon...! Very therapeutic, I'd say! (and the Moon won't mind - She knows a good sound when She hears one) ;)

During the eclipse tomorrow and into the 21st, not only will the Moon pass through the constellation of Virgo, but the Sun will be moving opposite to the Moon through the sign of Pisces. As the Earth Herself will be at the same degree in Pisces, she will be blocking the Sun's light to the Moon. When the Moon is fully eclipsed, She will give off an orange or reddish glow. (See photo above, courtesy of Fort Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fortphoto/183865953/)

This inital lunar eclipse of 2008 is in a perfect position for most of us in North and South America to see, as well as certain parts of Western Europe. (Lucky us!) If you'd like more information about the current status of this eclipse, you can go to Nasa's webpage here:

I hope the "moon music" has helped to calm your nerves...Beethovan's "Moonlight Sonata" is played beautifully by Brent Hugh - thank you very much Brent:

In honour of the Goddess of the Moon, it is my wish that you may find peace on your inward journey and bring it forth to yourselves and others...


Lunar Eclipse

I raise my eyes to Sister Moon
Who winks and blinks and sings Her tune
Of braided wings that passed
Her by
The eagles’ flight twixt Earth and Sky.

Her views are splendid, high and strong
She lends her heart and voice in Song
For Us and Earth, are Siblings who
Behold Her Light and Wisdom true.

Today the Earth will stand between
The Sun and Moon and Stars unseen
And cast the Moon a reddish glow
That looks as blood on Winter’s Snow.

And as the Moon stands face to face
With Mother Earth in time and space
The Goddesses in celestial dance
Embrace us in their silent trance.

Seraphimgirl - Feb. 20, 2008

All Rights Reserved

Moon Goddess

(My thanks to galbraitharcher at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lavendergurl9/910695161/)

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