Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Approaching Full Lunar Eclipse Feb. 20...

Feeling a little tense?

Especially if you're a Virgo (like me), the last couple of days might have felt a little, well, "tight" shall we say? Yes, I know, we Virgos have such a bad reputation for being all things proper, precise and pragmatic, (not to mention uptight), but hey ho, this Eclipse is smack dab in the middle of our Virgo Full Moon...so, I'd say, we have every right to fully and openly express the perfectionist tendencies that many claim we possess - at least until the end of tomorrow.

Now, in all seriousness, (also a Virgo trait), this is the second eclipse we've had in one month! ! That's pretty amazing not only from an astrological point of view, but also from an energetic standpoint. As I discussed in the Solar Eclipse/New Moon of the 6th/7th of this month, eclipses bring us enormous opportunities - for breakthroughs, for change, for new beginnings and lo-o-o-o-ng awaited conclusions (I'm talking months and sometimes many years here). You may also experience more sensitivities and heightened psychic awareness during eclipses, which also manage to bring together the current astrological energies of the opposite signs that they "bring together." In this case, it's the healing, service orientated Virgo Moon, with the soulful and peaceful Pisces Sun. Not a bad combination I'd say - considering some of the challenges that Humanity and Mother Earth are currently facing. (God/Goddess, help us!)

In contrast to an often outwardly energetic solar eclipse, lunar eclipses are about tuning inwards - to the more feminine aspects of ourselves and our lives. They usually have us looking at our relationships to self and this month especially with the full moon being in Virgo, to our relationships to healing and serving ourselves and others/humanity (Virgo's M.O. ;) Eclipses can usually feel quite emotional too, so if you're feeling tense, blue or really "p.o.ed" - look up at the sky tomorrow evening and give a good old howl towards the beautiful Virgo moon...! Very therapeutic, I'd say! (and the Moon won't mind - She knows a good sound when She hears one) ;)

During the eclipse tomorrow and into the 21st, not only will the Moon pass through the constellation of Virgo, but the Sun will be moving opposite to the Moon through the sign of Pisces. As the Earth Herself will be at the same degree in Pisces, she will be blocking the Sun's light to the Moon. When the Moon is fully eclipsed, She will give off an orange or reddish glow. (See photo above, courtesy of Fort Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fortphoto/183865953/)

This inital lunar eclipse of 2008 is in a perfect position for most of us in North and South America to see, as well as certain parts of Western Europe. (Lucky us!) If you'd like more information about the current status of this eclipse, you can go to Nasa's webpage here:

I hope the "moon music" has helped to calm your nerves...Beethovan's "Moonlight Sonata" is played beautifully by Brent Hugh - thank you very much Brent:

In honour of the Goddess of the Moon, it is my wish that you may find peace on your inward journey and bring it forth to yourselves and others...


Lunar Eclipse

I raise my eyes to Sister Moon
Who winks and blinks and sings Her tune
Of braided wings that passed
Her by
The eagles’ flight twixt Earth and Sky.

Her views are splendid, high and strong
She lends her heart and voice in Song
For Us and Earth, are Siblings who
Behold Her Light and Wisdom true.

Today the Earth will stand between
The Sun and Moon and Stars unseen
And cast the Moon a reddish glow
That looks as blood on Winter’s Snow.

And as the Moon stands face to face
With Mother Earth in time and space
The Goddesses in celestial dance
Embrace us in their silent trance.

Seraphimgirl - Feb. 20, 2008

All Rights Reserved

Moon Goddess

(My thanks to galbraitharcher at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lavendergurl9/910695161/)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Story of Valentine...

Valentine's Day 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

As you're digging into your lovely chocolates, or curled up this evening with a lovely hot toddy (with or without a
beloved by your side), did you ever stop to think about where all this "hubbub" came from? Who, indeed is this inimitable St. Valentine, and why is it that the day that bears his name is honored world wide for celebrating love in it's many forms?

The true history of St. Valentine's Day extends back to the days of Rome when February 14 was a holiday to celebrate the Goddess of women and children, named Juno (see said lady on the right). The evening of February 14, Roman boys and girls would spend time preparing for the festivities scheduled for the next day during the Feast of Lupercalia.

"On the eve of the festival of Lupercalia the names of Roman girls were written on slips of paper and placed into jars. Each young man would draw a girl's name from the jar and would then be partners for the duration of the festival with the girl whom he chose. Sometimes the pairing of the children lasted an entire year, and often, they would fall in love and would later marry."

The leader of the Roman Empire of that day was the immensely unpopular, Claudius the Second. Noticing that he was having trouble getting men to partake in his army due to their reticence to leave their families, Claudius, in his infinite wisdom, decided to cancel all engagements and marriages in Rome. (What WAS he thinking?) Now, to the real reason behind all this history - enter our St. Valentine to the story...

Our Valentine was a priest in Rome at this time. Valentine and a fellow priest, Marcius, decided, (in their infinite wisdom), to completely ignore Claudius' decree, and continued to marry Christians and help those that required it. Unfortunately for him, Valentine was caught and sentenced to be beaten to death by clubbing! (
and no, I don't mean that he ended his life by exhausting himself on a non-stop tour of every dance floor in Rome...)

There is a story that says before his death and during his short imprisonment, Valentine was allowed a few visitors, one of which was the daughter of the jail keeper. On the day he died, Valentine left a thank you letter to the young lady that visited him and signed it, "Love from Your Valentine."

The truth, however may read more like this:
"The pastors of the early Christian Church in Rome endeavoured to do away with the pagan element in these feasts by substituting the names of saints for those of maidens. And as the Lupercalia began about the middle of February, the pastors appear to have chosen Saint Valentine's Day for the celebration of this new feaSt. So it seems that the custom of young men choosing maidens for valentines, or saints as patrons for the coming year, arose in this way."

However you have chosen to spend this love-filled day, I do hope that it inspires you to celebrate love in its many faces and fashions throughout the year. My love to you, dear readers!


Valentine Traditions of Old

Hundreds of years ago in England, many children dressed up as adults on Valentine's Day. They went singing from home to home. One verse they sang was:

Good morning to you, valentine;
Curl your locks as I do mine ---

Two before and three behind.

Good morning to you, valentine.

In Wales wooden love spoons were carved and given as gifts on February 14th. Hearts, keys and keyholes were favourite decorations on the spoons. The decoration meant, "You unlock my heart!"

In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who their valentines would be. They would wear these names on their sleeves for one week. To wear your heart on your sleeve now means that it is easy for other people to know how you are feeling.

In some countries, a young woman may receive a gift of clothing from a young man. If she keeps the gift, it means she will marry him.

Some people used to believe that if a woman saw a robin flying overhead on Valentine's Day, it meant she would marry a sailor. If she saw a sparrow, she would marry a poor man and be very happy. If she saw a goldfinch, she would marry a millionaire.

A love seat is a wide chair. It was first made to seat one woman and her wide dress. Later, the love seat or courting seat had two sections, often in an S-shape. In this way, a couple could sit together -- but not too closely!

Think of five or six names of boys or girls you might marry, As you twist the stem of an apple, recite the names until the stem comes off. You will marry the person whose name you were saying when the stem fell off.

Pick a dandelion that has gone to seed. Take a deep breath and blow the seeds into the wind. Count the seeds that remain on the stem. That is the number of children you will have.

If you cut an apple in half and count how many seeds are inside, you will also know how many children you will have.

My grateful thanks to littlegoldwoman, wdochnahl and Osvaldo Zoom for photos found here:




Thursday, February 07, 2008

New Moon in Aquarius and Solar Eclipse

February 7, 2008
Mercury Retrograde
New Moon in Aquarius
Solar Eclipse

What a day, and what a week this is...today's New Moon in Aquarius and the Solar Eclipse are quite an action-packed duo. Yesterday was the beginning of the new Chinese New Year - the Year of the Rat. The Rat is the first of all the animal signs in Chinese Astrology, so all this energy points to surprising endings and exciting new beginnings.

The Aquarius New Moon speaks of unconventional innovation, visions of a bold new future, working for the good of all and movements that will benefit Humanity's Family. This Sun-Moon Eclipse will bring the end to many past illusions and bring much radical change in the months to come. For information about this current eclipse, please click on the link below to check Nasa's eclipse homepage:


We can use this New Moon and Her energies to free ourselves from limiting thoughts, relationships, work situations, addictions and anything that is holding us back from experiencing life in greater, more benefic ways. In the next two weeks while the Moon is waxing, reaffirm your desires and intentions. When the Moon becomes full again in Virgo on February 20 this month, then it will be time to take action according to our desires/intentions.

For those of you who are interested, you can access a wonderful New Moon Meditation for the New Moon in Aquarius:
I would like to thank Daniel Lynch for his wonderful photo of a solar eclipse found at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eclipsechaser/349451333/

Wishing you much healing, joy and hope in the Light of the New Moon...


P.S. For your listening pleasure, click on the button above and to the right hear "Eclipse" by Canopy...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Year of the Rat...

Happy Chinese New Year!

This year, 2008, is the Year of the Rat. Characteristics of a person born in the Year of the Rat include devotion to family, hardworking, imaginative, loyal and not always sure of themselves. (Personally, I think a little big of self-doubt can be quite a good thing).

Indeed, if you were born in any of these years - 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996 - then you, my Dear, are a Rat...and this is your year!

"Chinese New Year is a time when families get together to celebrate. It is also a special time to remember members of the family who have died. In the days coming up to New Year every family buys presents, decorations, food, new clothes and people have their hair cut. Houses are cleaned from top to bottom. The aim is to sweep out any bad luck from the old year and clear the way for good luck.

Celebrations for Chinese New Year usually last about 15 days and encompass many colourful celebrations however, it is bad luck to clean on New Years Day itself. Doors and windows are often newly painted in red. On New Years Eve decorations made from red and gold paper are hung down the doors to keep in good luck. These are marked with messages of good fortune such as happiness, prosperity and long life. These mostly have four Chinese characters. These are called Hui Chun."

The above was quoted from:
http://www.topmarks.co.uk/ChineseNewYear/Customs.aspxhttp://www.topmarks.co.uk/ ChineseNewYear/Customs.aspx

"New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are celebrated as a family affair, a time of reunion and thanksgiving. The celebration was traditionally highlighted with a religious ceremony given in honor of Heaven and Earth, the gods of the household and the family ancestors.

The sacrifice to the ancestors, the most vital of all the rituals, united the living members with those who had passed away. Departed relatives are remembered with great respect because they were responsible for laying the foundations for the fortune and glory of the family.

The presence of the ancestors is acknowledged on New Year's Eve with a dinner arranged for them at the family banquet table. The spirits of the ancestors, together with the living, celebrate the onset of the New Year as one great community. The communal feast called "surrounding the stove" or weilu. It symbolizes family unity and honors the past and present generations."

The above was quoted from:

One of the reasons that I seem to be guided to write about some of the celebrated traditions that we as Humanity shares is seeing just how alike we are. Regardless of race, colour and creed, we all have celebrations of new years, celebrations of light and of course, celebrations of birthdays - our own personal new years.

I find these common threads in Humanity's cultures to be very comforting during these tumultuous times that we share on this beautiful Planet. She sustains us in such love that often I wonder how it's even possible after all that Humanity has experienced here, that She still allows us to stay.

In wishing you a very Happy Year of the Rat, I leave you with a link for you to check your own Chinese Animal and your horoscope for this Chinese New Year.




Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day...

Mardi Gras is here!

Welcome to the first day of Mardi Gras...today is also called Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday in Canada, the U.K., Ireland and Australia. I celebrated today with a lovely breakfast of banana pancakes with some local maple syrup - divine!

The day before the beginning of Lent, the name "Shrove" Tuesday came originally from the word "shriving," meaning, to obtain penitence or forgiveness, which early Christians were expected to receive before the onset of Lent.

Even though it's a bit late for this week, I'm going to begin an astrological overview of the week, and hope to do this at the beginning of each week from now on.

Bidding you a fond "adieu" this evening, I leave you with a smile and the official flag of Mardi Gras...

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy Candlemas!

Today, February 2, is the Feast of Candlemas. In the Christian tradition, it is celebrated as the feast of the presentation of Jesus in the Temple and the purification of his Mother, Mary.

In Pagan traditions, it is considered sacred to the Triple Goddess Brighid, Protectress of the perpetual Sacred Flame.

However you may choose to acknowledge this Sacred Flame, I can think of nothing lovelier than meditating on it's light and warmth during these cold days of winter.


Friday, February 01, 2008

"Oh the weather outside is frightful..."

"Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful..." I guess the scene on the left is the calm after the storm and I'd like to concentrate on that, instead of what I'm seeing out my window today. (Cheshire Cat Grin) Schools, universities and colleges closed, businesses closed too. The man on the local radio station is saying, "if you don't have to venture out, then don't!" Frankly, I'm glad. With or without the weather forecast, it definitely feels like a looking/staying in day, rather than the opposite. So - "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"

I've been doing a number of things as of late - photographing my knitware (which I'll post in the next update here), doing some astrology charts and spiritual readings for people, and of course, as a singer, I'm always thinking of music and singing (thus, a song title for today's update). Soon, I hope to put links to my own singing here so you can listen if you feel so inspired. ;)

So, in a nut shell, I'm feeling kinda "Mercury Retrograde" today, which is par for the course considering my Virgo-ness is usually influenced by these celestial flows. If you have a Virgo or similiarly, a Gemini sun, Mercury retrogrades may well have a bit of a slowing down effect on your life. As I write more in this blog, my intention is to give a weekly look at the astrology of the week as well as promoting some other astrologers and artists. You've been really patient with me since I started writing (a year and a half ago!), so I'm determined to make this a successful blog and perhaps eventually turn it into a podcast as well.

I hope you like the music that I've included for the blog. The title is called "Blowing Snow" and it's by Marco Raaphorst, a composer and sound designer who lives in the Netherlands. Here's a link to his site: http://melodiefabriek.nl/ Thank you for letting us enjoy your music, Marco!

Enjoy, Everyone! Just click on the "boomp3.com" link below to hear it...